IMPORTANT MEETING – Flooding & Combined Sewers

IMPORTANT MEETING:  Did you know that this City is about to embark on the largest and most expensive municipal project in its history? Did you know that it will paid for by rate payers like you?   Would you like to have input in how that money is spent?

The next meeting to discuss the project and it’s alternatives will be on March 28th at 6 pm (see flyer) at the Hank Gallo Community Center in Lincoln Park. Do you want expensive infrastructure like massive underground storage tanks? Or green solutions like rain gardens, parks and street trees? Some of the alternatives could cost as much as $1 Billion and dramatically increase your water bill. 

Green infrastructure is one of the alternatives that could help lower that cost and improve the environment. Community organizations, residents and small businesses can provide input to shape the solutions that will be adopted in July 2020 to reduce localized flooding and the raw sewage dumped into our waterways.

By working together, we can prevent sewers from overflowing and keep sewage off of our streets and out of our basements, rivers and streams. Let’s make sure the children in our communities grow up in a healthier, greener environment and our streets and businesses remain safe and clean.

If you cannot attend the meeting on the 28th there will be one more in the Heights on April 4th. You can also Join the Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers campaign and make sure infrastructure changes to your sewer system are cost-effective and provide the most benefit to your community.