The Print House – Sustainable Condos in the Heights

The Print House in the Heights is among the new wave of environmentally sustainable condominium developments underway in Jersey City.  According to the developer, Tom Chartier, “We’re building sustainable communities one building at a time.” The Chartier Redevelopment Group has indicated that they will be pursuing LEED certification for this project, which should be completed in […]

Dwell JC | Sep 25, 2017

Sustainable Design in Jersey City

Sustainable features such as green roofs help reduce the heat island effect, energy usage and global warming.  According to scientists, the most important climate influences caused by human activity are the emission of greenhouse gases (IPCC Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis) and changes in land use, such as urbanization and agriculture (Pielke, R.A. et […]

Dwell JC | Sep 18, 2017