Mortgage Rates Fall to 12-month lows!

Although the 30-year fixed mortgage rate was expected to stay above 5 percent in 2019, it fell to a ten-month low of 4.46 percent during the last week of January. Now it has fallen even further to just 4.35%, a 12-month low, and is expected to stay low for the rest of this year. This […]

Dwell JC | Mar 4, 2019

The top reasons your home didn’t sell

These four reasons will help you understand why your property didn’t sell—and what you can do about it. Even though some experts are predicting a continued shift towards a buyer’s market in 2019, that doesn’t mean your listing shouldn’t be getting attention from the right buyers. If your home is on the market but not […]

Dwell JC | Feb 14, 2019

Will 2019 be a Buyer’s Market in Downtown Jersey City?

By Thomas M. Gibbons, Realtor-Associate Feb 6, 2019 It’s official: Jersey City’s downtown real estate market definitely cooled off in 2018.  Prices have declined slightly, the number of days on the market is increasing, and the number of sales declined.  Good news if you are a buyer, and not too bad if you’re a seller with […]

Dwell JC | Feb 6, 2019

Q4 2018 Market Report Downtown Jersey City

Townhouses:  With a 4% decline in median sale prices and an increase in the number of days on the market by 8%, the townhouse market went into reset mode in 2018 as buyers and sellers seemed to proceed with caution. Median Sale Price:  The median sale price for a townhouse in downtown Jersey City for […]

Dwell JC | Feb 5, 2019


Snow Ball 2019 is just over a month away.  In honor of their 13th anniversary, this year’s theme will focus on “the positive and the mysterious” number 13.  The number 13 symbolizes transformation, and the rebirth of the spirit to a higher level of existence. I hope you will join me in supporting the Art […]

Dwell JC | Dec 21, 2018

First-time home buyers expand their options with help from Mom & Dad

In my last article, I shared information regarding how first-time home buyers were able to buy fixer-uppers with renovation mortgages offered by HUD and Fannie Mae.  But another first-time buyer I worked with this summer turned to Mom & Dad for the down-payment.  More and more parents are helping their grown kids become homeowners, which […]

Dwell JC | Dec 17, 2018

First-time home buyers shift to fixer-uppers in downtown Jersey City

Downtown Jersey City can be a tough place for first-time home buyers:  entry-level single-family homes that are move-in ready are non-existent.  Buyers are often not aware that they can get a renovation mortgage that combines the purchase price with the cost of improvements.  This summer I worked with two clients, one who was looking to […]

Dwell JC | Dec 12, 2018

Happy Halloween: Jersey City Ranked #2 in Nation

Jersey City ranked #2 in the nation for the best cities to be in for Halloween.  So, if you love Halloween, you’ve come to the right place!  What isn’t there to love? – there’s candy, costumes, horror films, haunted houses, parties and trick-or-treating — lot’s of trick-or-treating. According to a recent WalletHub report, this year […]

Dwell JC | Nov 7, 2018

Bergen-Lafayette Levels Off

Over the past 5 years the shift in the Bergen-Lafayette real estate market has been dramatic.  Although things seem to be leveling off in 2018, this neighborhood has major future projects in the pipeline like Canal Crossing and SciTech City that continue to keep investors interested despite the price increases.   Here are some of […]

Dwell JC | Oct 26, 2018

Q3 2018 Condo Report – Downtown Jersey City

Although average sale prices have increased by 6.5% over last year, the steady increase in days on the market in this quarterly condo report signals a weakening in the condo market that favors buyers. Average Sale Price:  The average sale price for a Downtown Jersey City condo for this period was $765k, which is up […]

Dwell JC | Oct 25, 2018