December 2018


Snow Ball 2019 is just over a month away.  In honor of their 13th anniversary, this year’s theme will focus on “the positive and the mysterious” number 13.  The number 13 symbolizes transformation, and the rebirth of the spirit to a higher level of existence. I hope you will join me in supporting the Art […]

Dwell JC | Dec 21, 2018

First-time home buyers expand their options with help from Mom & Dad

In my last article, I shared information regarding how first-time home buyers were able to buy fixer-uppers with renovation mortgages offered by HUD and Fannie Mae.  But another first-time buyer I worked with this summer turned to Mom & Dad for the down-payment.  More and more parents are helping their grown kids become homeowners, which […]

Dwell JC | Dec 17, 2018

First-time home buyers shift to fixer-uppers in downtown Jersey City

Downtown Jersey City can be a tough place for first-time home buyers:  entry-level single-family homes that are move-in ready are non-existent.  Buyers are often not aware that they can get a renovation mortgage that combines the purchase price with the cost of improvements.  This summer I worked with two clients, one who was looking to […]

Dwell JC | Dec 12, 2018